with Austen Matos

Identity Design, Web Design,
Content Strategy

The Brief: Young Musicians and Artists (YMA) is an immersive summer arts intensive for teens. Their prior branding felt outdated, and not representative of the vibrant, inclusive and nurturing community .

The Strategy: A friendly, bold color palette; fresh typography; user friendly image treatments; an engaging social media presence geared towards teens and parents alike; and a collection of logo marks constructed with longevity in mind. 



Maddie is a visual designer and art director with roots in Portland, Oregon. She holds a BS in graphic design and advertising from PSUGD, and is currently on the design team at Twenty Four 7, where she has contributed on projects for AT&T, Warner Media, and start-ups in the beauty sector. Prior to that, she spent two years in-house at barre3 running the brand’s corporate social channels.