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My family acquired Rewine, a small barrel cooperage specializing in wine barrel renewal in 2018. Since then, my dad and brother have transformed a previously crumbling business into a thriving service that makes winemaking both more eco-friendly and accessible to small time makers.

The previous branding felt too remniscent of 2006 (think bevels and drop shadows galore), so the goal was to modernize the brand aesthetic, while staying in touch with the company’s humble roots. As the wine barrel industry teeters the line of B2B and DTC, it was important for the brand and to feel approachable for the hobbyists, but undeniable in its credibility for the more serious, old school wine guys.


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Maddie is a visual designer and art director with roots in Portland, Oregon. She holds a BS in graphic design and advertising from PSUGD, and is currrently a staff brand designer at Cinco Design, where she has contributed on projects for Microsoft, Aspen Snowmass, and Electronic Arts.  Prior to that, she spent two years at Twenty Four 7 as a graphic designer, and prior to that she was in-house at barre3 running the brand’s corporate social channels.