Graphic Design, Art Direction, Editorial + Layout

The Brief: Conceptualize and develop a print publication that can also translate to the digital space.

The Mag: A celebration of the free spirits, rule breakers and non-conformists of the past and present, Outlaw is a visual homage to 1960s psychedlelia. Packed with quirky type, loud colors and gooey imagery, its inspiration was drawn from a variety of sources–the mundane, the weird, but always the unexpected.

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Maddie is a visual designer and art director with roots in Portland, Oregon. She holds a BS in graphic design and advertising from PSUGD, and is currrently a staff brand designer at Cinco Design, where she has contributed on projects for Microsoft, Aspen Snowmass, and Electronic Arts.  Prior to that, she spent two years at Twenty Four 7 as a graphic designer, and prior to that she was in-house at barre3 running the brand’s corporate social channels.