Identity Design, Brand Strategy, Web Design

Lumera is a one-of-a-kind Portland based medspa and regenerative wellness clinic that specializes in helping people look and feel their best for longer. Unlike their competitors,who typically offer either medical services or cosmetic treatments,Lumera can both treat your skin and address the root cause of the issue, merging the worlds of internal and external beauty.

My goal was to bring this idea of internal > external beauty to life visually, adopting a gradient system that brought forth feelings of energy, vibrancy, and forward momentum, always radiating outward.

In addition to developing the new identity and overarching brand strategy, I was also tasked with a complete website overhaul, working with developers to rethink the site’s whopping 72 pages, and curate a more thoughtful and intentional digital experience.

Business cards pull from four different gradients.

Stationary and gift bags.

Iconography set for web and social use. 

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I am a dedicated generalist who specializes in not having a specialty. Whether it’s for the large corporate daddies or the small self-funded start-ups, I strive to find inspiration and joy in every brief.

From my time as a student at PSUGD, to entering the workforce at the peak of the pandemic, I’ve learned time and time again the importance of being nimble. My work spans brand design and strategy, art direction, packaging, print, and photography, sometimes all at once. I am a compulsive researcher; always diving deeper, keeping my finger on the pulse of emerging trends and technologies, and thinking about how to fold them into my process.